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Principal investigators, clinic/lab managers: Complete OVCHA resource inventory survey

To members of our clinical and research community,

As we continue to anticipate the growing needs for protective equipment and testing resources in support of our clinical operations, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs is reaching out for your help.

With the number of cases of COVID-19 across the state of Illinois rising, there has been an identified growing need for personal protective equipment (PPE), RNA extraction kits and other specific needs to complete testing capabilities. While the University and its academic health enterprise are exploring external resources to address these needs, we also understand the pressing immediate supply needs in response to the surge of patients.
In order to address any potential shortages, we are reaching out to our basic and clinical research colleagues across the University to conduct a supply inventory that can be mobilized to meet the healthcare delivery system’s growing needs.

We are asking principal investigators, clinic or lab managers to please complete this resource inventory survey as soon as possible. (

Please note there are separate sections of this survey that include information about RNA extraction capabilities and PPE supplies (gloves, gowns, face masks/shields, N95 respirators, etc.). We ask that you complete this survey as best as you are able.

In the event that any of these resources will need to be mobilized the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs will reach out to the primary contact indicated on the form with additional instructions. Any financial implications can be addressed at that time or a later date; particularly, if supplies were purchased with restricted funding. Please e-mail with additional questions.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and we appreciate your adaptability to address the needs of our patients and the safety of our clinical staff.

Robert Barish, MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs